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Document scanning software: ScanAndSave is perfect for scanning and saving all your documents.  It is time to go paperless and get rid of that pile of statements, cancelled checks, and other paper documents!

"ScanAndSave is the best document scanning software!  I scan in and store all my monthly statements, return checks, and other documents into my computer painlessly using ScanAndSave.  It is so convenient to retrieve them when I need to.  Not to mention how easy it is for me to  back them all up onto a CD.  I highly recommend it!",  -- Anna Frasier, Bellevue Washington

document scanning softwareDo you sometimes feel that you are buried under a mountain of paper? Do you have boxes or filing cabinets stuffed full of monthly utility bills, cancelled checks, receipts, and financial and bank statements just taking up space, and then when you finally need one you can never find it? Now imagine having all your important statements, documents, and records permanently archived on your computer, neatly organized, and instantly accessible for viewing or printing at the click of a mouse. Maybe you have tried before to scan your documents into your computer but found that the scanning software was just too cumbersome to use, requiring a time-consuming preview scan for every page, needing to specify the folder to save the and making you type in an appropriate name for each file. If this sounds familiar, then let's go paperless, and allow the best document scanning software, ScanAndSave to simply this process for you.

What is ScanAndSave?

ScanAndSave is a Windows document scanning program that lets you use your scanner and PC to quickly and easily archive all your important documents, and greatly simplifies the process by providing pre-defined categories into which to place your document, by automatically generating file names, and by eliminating the time-consuming pre-scan required by some scanning software. Your documents are always perfectly organized and easily accessible. And since ScanAndSave stores your documents using industry-standard file formats, you can view them anywhere or share them with anyone and never have to worry about having special file viewing software.ScanAndSave Main Window The file formats that ScanAndSave support includes PDF, TIFF, BMP, JPG, GIF, and more.

How it works

Just place your document on the scanner, select the category and size, and click Scan Now. A file name has already been generated, which you can keep or change as you wish. ScanAndSave will prompt you page by page, and automatically save the results when you are done. This document scanning software remembers all your settings so that next month, when you scan in the new statement, it has automatically generated a new name for you.

In summary, ScanAndSave allows you to:

  • Scan in all the statements and documents into your computer so you no longer need to stuff all those papers in boxes or in the file cabinet.
  • Organize all your important documents all in one centralized area, so you can quickly retrieve your documents and search for the important financial numbers that you need.  Epecially during tax time!
  • Print out copies of your statements when you need.  You will really appreciate ScanAndSave when you do your next re-finance of your house.
  • Email your documents easily to whoever you like, such as your accountant.
  • Enable you to conveniently backup all your documents so you can sleep well at night.

The best document scanning software costs only $12.95?

Free to try for 30 days, afterward it disables its scanning capability until you register.  If you decide that it is not for you, simple do nothing or uninstall it.  No catch!  And it costs only $12.95 if you decide to register.

Best of all, you can download ScanAndSave today and try it FREE for 30 days, no strings attached! If you do decide to register, it costs only $12.95. ScanAndSave runs on XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

Download free trial Now!

What are you waiting for? Just click the link below and download a copy for yourself and try it for 30 days with absolutely no catch. It is so easy to use, you will be able to go paperless and archive all your documents and statements in no time. But if you are still concerned about knowing how to use the tool, don't worry, it comes with complete online help and tutorials to show you step-by-step procedures to make this a simple and fun process. So download the best document scanning software ScanAndSave and start archiving your documents today.


Go Paperless and Download ScanAndSave Now!